For Universities

Why University Journals?

A consortium of 14 university libraries from five European countries initiated University Journals as an alternative to the current journal ecosystem. If a scientific paper in a repository is eligible for the University Journals, it will feature as a reviewed publication on this accredited open access platform and give researchers the recognition they need.

How it works

1. Researchers can submit their work via the university repository, or directly to UJ for work not (yet) available in the repository. The UJ platform offers an efficient workflow and quick publication.

2. The submission is reviewed by university officers for quality and compliance. Universities may offer various models for quality assurance: from a light ‘administrative review’ (e.g., for reports and data sets) to internal or external peer review (open and transparent). After UJ papers can be deposited into the repository.

3. The article is accepted. All articles are typeset and formatted professionally, receive a DOI and ISSN, and are distributed on all relevant international indexes and platforms. The publication will list the results of the QA assessment and peer reviews (if any) for full reader transparency.

4. The UJ platform will support post-publication peer review by offering commenting options for readers and authors. Authors are able to publish a revised version of their article based on the post-publication feedback.

The UJ Consortium

University Journals is a joint initiative from 14 international European universities. Initial development is funded by the PICA foundation and the University of Amsterdam.

Join UJ?

The University Journals are scheduled to launch in 2020. For more information, or if you are interested to participate and would like your own University Journal, please contact Dr. Max Haring (