For Researchers

University Journals for researchers:

  • The UJs provide researchers with a convenient, fast and flexible route towards an indexed journal publication.
  • University name brings prestige and impact
  • High quality indexed OA journal
  • Several article types (research, data, reports) are supported
  • Various models for (peer) review and quality assurance
  • No ‘Pay-to-Publish’. Authors keep their copyright
  • Fully compliant with funder OA mandates and Plan S

How UJ works

University Journals work like any other Open Access journal, just quicker and better.  You submit your manuscript, it gets reviewed and after acceptance published on our indexed online platform.  Publication is always Open Access and without costs or invoices: your university covers the publication costs for you. 

How to submit

Submission is open for all researchers based on or affiliated to our partner universities. If you are interested in publishing with us but your university is not a partner, please contact your librarian.

Manuscripts can be submitted through our online portal. Please read our guidelines for authors before submitting your work.

Authors instructions



UJ publishes Open Access under a Creative Commons licenses, which means that our publications can be copied, distributed, and reused without asking permission, but only with a proper citation to the original publication.

We encourage authors and readers to share our publications (the final PDF) on institutional repositories, personal websites and on social platforms such as Mendeley, ResearchGate or and similar outlets. Please include the DOI (digital object identifier) to help readers to cite the work.

UJ also supports Green Open Access (self archiving) without embargos or restrictions.

When submitting a manuscript, please make sure that when you include text, images, figures or anything else not created directly by the (co)author, explicit written permission for reuse is obtained from the copyright holder.